Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Wacky Ducky

Hollaaa! I just got back from my trip to Singapore with my school, so I got to postponed my blogpost :( You might have notice all the pictures of my SEASAC ARTS 2014 trip in my Instagram. It was fun! SEASAC ARTS is basically an international art festival joined by a total of 13 international school in Asia. There we spent our time joining the workshop and discovering new art technique and experience. This year I took the 3D art in which I need to build a huge 3D sculpture out of bamboo and work as a group to finish it. It was such a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I could build such a huge building/sculpture in the basement parking lot of Tanglin Trust School in Singapore.

In addition, I did a crazy shopping in Singapore. I grabbed several tops and an oxford shoes that I've been craving for since my last visit to Singapore. Praise the Lord I didn't buy it last time, because it has a $80 discount <3 I'll try to post it anytime soon :p

I decided to buy this super cute duck cropped top from Seven December (IG). As it arrived, it came out to be as good as my expectation <3 Great quality and as cute as its picture in instagram :D

Duck Cropped Top - IG: Seven December
Plaid Crop Shirt - Bershka
Highwaist Denim Short - Zara
Shoes - IG: Chiel Shoes
Bunny Sling Bag - Her Spot
Duck Necklace - Bought in Bangkok
Gold Belt Bracelet - VNC
Silver Triple Strap Bracelet - Pandora

My Chiel x Sonia Eryka White Platform Shoes <3


  1. omg you're so cute! and love the top and shoes


  2. loving the top! really cute :)

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  3. Shoegasm alert!
    Cute style by the way :)))