Friday, December 6, 2013


This week is probably a busy week too. Tons of stuff to finish, so I mostly slept pretty late each night, which made my eyes sticked during classes. As a part of STUdent COuncil members (aka STUCO members), I even got busier at some point, especially this feel. Next Friday, my school, Surabaya International School, will hold a charity carnival. There would be games, foods, etc. All the money will be given to the Philippines typhoon's victims, through UNICEF. As you predict, we have a bunch of stuffs to prepare, so it adds up to my to-do-list for this week. However, it is actually fun to take a part in this kind of social events :)

Moving on, time flies too fast! I can't believe it's December already, as I feel like summer break had just ended last month. This means that Winter Exams are coming up very soon. I should study hard to achieve the best grade I could possibly get :D If you are having your Final Exams right now, GOOD LUCK! Study hard, stay honest, and don't forget to pray so that God will help you :) A prayer won't waste your time, instead it will lead you to the breakthrough and unexpected things to happen :)


God Bless You All :)

"POP THAT" Tank Top - Forever21
Skort - Zara
Denim Outer - Dorothy Perkins
Shoes - Lowrys Farm (Singapore)
Bag - Prada