Sunday, May 26, 2013

Denim and Stripes

Last Monday, I went to my friend's birthday dinner. Again, I don't want to dress up too fancy, so I decided to wear this :D
I matched up my striped-pants with navy blue tank, the grabbed my denim shirt as outer :)

I can't believe that summer break is coming in less than a month :D
I'm very excited for it, as I'm very tired of this school year due to bunch of daily homework I need to finish. It totally takes my time and doesn't allow me to go hang out on the weekend. I'm going to have my final exams on mid of June. It's kinda later than other schools here in Indonesia, because my school is and American-based one. Well, wish me luck, again, people :)

inner tank - Surfer Girl
Denim Shirt - Giordano
Striped Pants - Forever 21
Hair Accessories - Beatrice

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  1. i love your striped pants! :D