Monday, May 20, 2013

All the Way Back to Studs

Hi everyone! I'm very glad to be back :D
I'm very sorry for my one-and-a-half month absence :(
I was preparing for my AP European History Exam these last few weeks. It was really frustrating, because I am totally not that type of person who could memorize every single words on the textbook. However, I and really glad it's finally over!! YAY!!!

Now, I'm back with STUDS :D
I wore this outfit last weekend during my dad's birthday dinner with my big family. I tried to keep it very simple, as it was only a regular dinner :)

By the way, I'll be posting another post this weekend ;)
Now, I'm still very busy studying for my Math Exam, because its schedule was changed. It's supposed to be on June, but my teacher decided to divide it into 3, YES IT IS THREE, exams. This happened because my teacher's wife is pregnant, and the baby will probably born on this June. Unexpectedly, my teacher needs to go back to the Stated next week, so he decided to get the exam earlier to make him able to grade some of it before he leave. It totally makes me study hard this week, but I'm not that upset because I actually love Math :D
Wish me luck people :p

Top (as inner) - New Look
Top (as outer) - Gaudi
Shorts - ColorBox

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