Saturday, November 14, 2015

Peter Pilotto | London Fashion Weekend 2015

It was a great experience to attend the London Fashion Weekend 2015. This was my first time to join such event. Being able to see the collection live from Saatchi Gallery, it was amazing to be physically there to document and analyse the products at the same time. London, so far, has been very inspiring, both socially and environmentally. I could totally say that my fashion style has been changing ever since I moved. It is quite a shift, I personally noticed.

The Peter Pilotto Catwalk was inspired by the board games. It is very unique how Pilotto combined the ideas to bring it into textile patterns and textures. For this collection, the muted colours are collaborated with bright colours which create a balance in each piece. Orange, blue, yellow, green, and soft brown are the main colours of this collection. 

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  1. Looks nice ! Love the fashion show!