Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Backlight

Hola! I recently went to Singapore; it was just for the weekend, so it's a very short trip FYI. I basically went shopping there :p It's really what most of people would probably do when it comes to Singapore, haha!

I wore this outfit on my first day, and I didn't get the time to take any outfit post the following days as I was so tired in the evening, and so hungry before starting up the shopping trip, so I went straight for lunch after done preparing; yeah, I woke up late as I was real tired at the night before like what I just mentioned. If you followed my Instagram (@catajoce) you would probably know my second-day outfit, and if you haven't followed my instagram please take a look and follow me :)

Lately, I have been so busy with school as it's almost winter exam season, but it's good, on the other hand, because winter break is around the corner too. I'm very excited for winter break :D

By the way, you might notice the changes I made on my blog :D
I decided to change the name because I found the old one is too wordy. This new name was inspired by two of my favorite inventions ever, which are sunrise and sunset. I always get reminded to be grateful each time I see sunrise/sunset. It reminds me of Jesus' love and mercy upon me that I'm still able to breath in fresh air and live with His blessings surrounding me. Jesus is my everything, and He is my first priority in my life :) I could never ever imagine my life without Him, the one who keeps me safe since I was in my mom's womb. So there comes the long-short stories behind it. 

Crop Top - Oudre (Instagram)
Gold Pants - Floriestyle
Shoes - Converse
Bag - Longchamp

Good Night! Have a great day ;) Don't forget to start each day with a smile & be grateful for what God has given you. GOD BLESS YOU :)